Several factors affecting the removal rate of gold mine

After the mine is put into production, the production, infrastructure and technological transformation will be carried out at the same time. Most small enterprises have low technical and management level in the process of metallurgy, and the initial selection and selection schemes are not well considered, which often causes large loss, waste and destruction of resources. How to make gold mineral resources to maximize the development and utilization of the key, thus increasing the rate of mineral processing equipment, gold impurity no doubt become critical, and now a few factors that affect the rate of mineral processing equipment, gold purify our common interpretation.

1. Removal time: When the ore dressing temperature of gold ore is greater than 75 degrees Celsius and PH=6.7, the precipitation rate of iron and copper is greater than 97.4%, and the recovery rate of gold ore increases with time, indicating that the impurity removal time is only related to gold. The recovery rate is related, and it has nothing to do with the iron-copper precipitation rate. In order to increase the recovery rate of gold, the impurity removal time is appropriately extended.

2. Solution pH: During the impurity removal process of gold ore beneficiation equipment, the pH value has a relatively large effect on the impurity removal effect and gold recovery rate. The liquid-solid ratio is 7. When the temperature is greater than 75 degrees Celsius, the metal ions in the solution increase with the increase of the final pH value, but the range of pH of their precipitation is different. It can be seen that the PH value of copper is 5 and the temperature of iron is 6.7. The precipitation is almost complete, and the precipitation rate of magnesium is not changed much before the pH value is less than 7, and the precipitation rate is sharply increased after the pH value is greater than 7. Therefore, in order to precipitate iron and copper and the gold loss is as small as possible, the pH value must be strictly controlled 6-7.

3. Adding speed of lime water: In the process of removing impurities from gold ore dressing equipment, the faster the lime water addition rate, the lower the recovery rate of gold mine. Under normal circumstances, the speed of controlling lime water starts at 3-5ml/min, and finally 1 -2ml / min, the best effect, when neutralized to PH = 6.7, need to add about 80ml of lime water, 24 grams of industrial lime, neutralization time of about 35 minutes.

4, impurity removal temperature: the higher the temperature of the impurity removal process, the more gold ore dressing, and the temperature removal rate of debris is not large, therefore, in order to improve the gold ore dressing rate, the impurity removal temperature should be as high as possible.

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