What is the function of the attendance machine supplier product?

Attendance Machine Supplier Product Features

Real-time attendance enquiries: In any case, without any attendance settings, real-time query of each employee's credit card records (including credit card-holders, credit card time, credit card nature, window number) and employees who did not hit, but also can perform part of the query by conditions Or the staff member's credit card records (such as: enter the job number, date and time), can check the employee's punching details during this time period.

Basic Attendance Processing: According to the pre-defined attendance settings, various attendance data can be processed to automatically determine who is late, leaves early, and who is absent, and the details of the punching time during the effective punch time. Such as: can be individually inquiries late arrivals, early departures, absenteeism and effective punching time punch details, abnormal punch data, etc., in these query functions can be inquiries by conditions; late leave early query function can also enter the corresponding minutes The number to query for personnel greater than this number of hours.

A variety of attendance statistics: can be real-time statistical staff commuting, overtime, late, leave early, leave, absence and other relevant attendance information (recorded above the number of employees attendance and number of minutes) to form a comprehensive summary report, also Statistical work can be performed according to conditions (date, job number, department, etc.).

Automatic deduction statistics: According to the attendance and attendance settings, it can automatically calculate the amount of deductions for all employees within a certain time range, which facilitates the calculation of salary.

Overtime automatic statistics: According to the employee's overtime punch time and the company's overtime hours, they automatically count the employees' actual overtime and arrange the overtime hours during the overtime hours. They can flexibly adapt to the overtime statistics of various companies.

Abnormality handling: For those who fail to punch the card due to official business, the card can be processed by the replacement card. The staff on leave can be handled for leave. The time change of a certain person or a shift can be processed by the time adjustment. The statistics at the end of the month will automatically calculate the number of leave days.

Flexible shift settings: According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the number of shifts can be flexibly set, the standard shift time for each shift, shift shifts, shift shifts, etc. can be set.

Flexible punch restrictions: You can flexibly set the effective punch time for all shifts, prevent employees from punching cards at will, make management more convenient and reasonable, and employees are organized and disciplined.

Flexible attendance settings: According to the actual situation within the company can be set arbitrarily check the number of fields (such as: late, severe late, early retirement, serious early retired, absenteeism, etc.), each field corresponds to the assessment time range and assessment object; and for each field, Each shift (administrative staff, workers) automatically determines the commutation card with different amounts of punishment: The system automatically judges whether the punching data of the employee is on-duty or off-duty according to the setting situation without human intervention.

Late arrival and early departure of different colors means that the system automatically judges the late arrival and departure time based on the employee's punch data and the already set good commute time, and expresses late arrival and early morning in different colors.


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