Cummins launches one of the most powerful high-speed engines available today

US engine manufacturer Cummins will target the market share of marine medium speed machines and introduce one of the most powerful high-speed engines available.
Cummins launches one of the most powerful high-speed engines available today
The new QSK95 is said to be the most powerful high-speed machine currently in production, with a power range of 2386-3132 kW (3200-4200 hp), which is more efficient and compact than a similarly sized medium speed machine. The aircraft's market positioning is mainly for OSV, PSV, AHTS, personnel transport and passenger ferries, providing propulsion solutions, and can also be used for auxiliary engines of larger ships.
The new aircraft has been tested for approximately 100 non-ship projects, including power plants and trains. This year, approximately 300 engines are expected to be produced at the Cummins plant, including some marine engines, which are expected to be put into production by the end of 2017.
It is reported that the QSK95 engine uses a 78-liter bag, with a displacement of 95 liters and a weight of only 13,000 kg, which is 25-70% lighter than a medium-speed machine of similar power. The machine is designed to optimize life cycle costs and components are common to other engines.
Developed by Cummins for approximately $1.5 billion, the QSK95 is the largest single engine investment in the company's history, involving more than 3,000 customers, 750,000 engineer hours and over 60,000 hours of testing.

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