PoE-powered lightning protection solution in network monitoring

In the practical application of network monitoring, cameras are often installed outdoors or at a certain higher point, which increases the chance that these cameras will experience lightning strikes. Therefore, for the construction of such monitoring network centers, it is necessary not only to consider the construction of a good direct lightning protection net and a good grounding system, but also to consider the lightning protection and lightning wave intrusion protection.

Inductive lightning is the equipment that connects the nearby outdoor wires, transmission signal lines, and equipment connecting wires to generate electromagnetic induction and invades its equipment when the lightning discharges between thunderclouds or when the thundercloud discharges to ground, so that the equipment is connected in series or in the terminal. Was damaged. Lightning wave intrusion refers to lightning waves invading along the transmission line through direct stroke or electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction.

The danger of intrusion by lightning induced and induced lightning on a network camera located outdoors or at a high point is mainly caused by the electromagnetic coupling or electrostatic induction of the signal line of the PSE power supply or the switch connected to the network camera. The wave enters the data terminal equipment or the PoE power supply system. Surge pulse.

Therefore, a corresponding multi-stage lightning protection circuit must be installed at the interface between the network camera and the PoE switch and the power supply device PSE to avoid the damage of the induced lightning current and the lightning wave to the base station main equipment. And if you use a PoE switch to power the webcam, it is best to choose a power switch with lightning protection. For example, the PowerEthernet PoE switch has a professional lightning protection design, with overvoltage and overcurrent protection, which is equal to the entire network monitoring system. A security wall.

The PoE switch or PoE power supply with lightning protection can effectively prevent the damage of the induced lightning current and lightning wave to the main switch through the network camera data cable, and also correspond to the lightning protection of the DC power supply system in the data line. The current and lightning wave protection effectively prevent the lightning damage to the data system and the power supply system.

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