The main purpose of the charging car

Everyone knows that people's living standards have generally improved in the current life. In this case, almost every household has a car as their transportation. Although some families have far better living conditions than other families. But now a car is not as unbearable for a family as it used to be. Many families today have different requirements when it comes to the pursuit of transportation. Many families only think of it as an ordinary means of transportation and some families regard him as their own face.


In this case, all families choose different ways of transportation. With the support of technology nowadays, electric cars have appeared in many families nowadays. Bringing convenience to them also adds endless trouble to them. Everyone knows that when we drive our own cars on the highway, we usually face the same problem. That is, suddenly there is not enough fuel in the middle of the road, and it is also the case that ordinary cars can find gas stations nearby to increase fuel, but those electric cars are not as convenient.

So what will happen when these electric cars encounter such emergencies? By now, owners of these electric cars will no longer have to worry about such situations. With the advancement of technology, people have invented a mobile charging vehicle. When these owners suddenly find that the battery is not enough in the middle of the road, you can make a phone call. This kind of mobile charging car will quickly appear on your side to provide you with some relief.

There are many people who say that because of the emergence of these mobile charging vehicles, many people choose to purchase such electric vehicles when they choose to buy a car . And these electric cars do not have to follow the traffic rules when driving on the roads of the city. Moreover, the requirements of the driver for such a car are not as strict as those of an ordinary car. So many young people choose this kind of charging car when they buy a car. This kind of charging car will occupy a major position in the future life.

Laser Cutting Parts

(1) It is used as a variety of industrial metal parts that like electronic component, auto spare parts, 

home appliance, industrial equipment...etc.Material based on SPCC and SGCC, stainless steel, aluminum alloy5052, 6063, 6061, Stainless steel 304, 316, 201, carbon steel,etc.

(2) Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, PDF, IGES/IGS, STP/STEPS, X_T, DXF etc..

(3) High precision as following: Carbon steel: 0.5mm~16mm,Stainless steel: 1mm~8mm,Aluminum alloy: 1mm~8mm,Brass: 1mm~4mm.

Accuracy: positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm, Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

(4) Main poduction machine: Laser Cutting Machine, CNC punching machine, welder, CNC bending machine

(5) Surface treatment: Polishing, grinding, gavanized, powder coating, nickel, zinc, chrome, silver, gold plating etc.

(6) For packing: A variety of packing methods can be used according to customers' requirement, such as carton , wood box, wood crate and pallet etc.

Laser Cutting Parts

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