From North America to China, Kangmai can see the future in the results.

Since the moment of entering China, Kangmai has been prepared to adapt to the Chinese market in many aspects.

In 2008, Kangmai's first China manufacturing base was completed, the base was officially put into operation in 2009, Kangmai Nanjing was established in 2010, the Kangmai Nanjing plant was put into operation in 2011, the Kangmai China Sales and Engineering Service Center was established in the same year, and Kangmaidi was established in 2014. Two foundry factories, Kangmaixin Machinery Co., Ltd., and the new factory of Kangmai Nanjing in 2018 were unveiled... In the ten years of development, Kangmai has been moving to a higher level from factory to sales to service.

2019 Wuhan Commercial Station Kangmai booth 2019 Wuhan Commercial Station Kangmai booth

As an American brand, Kangmai has completed a series of layouts in China. This is not only the embodiment of the achievements, but also the future of the Chinese market.

"Birth" is destined to high quality

Ten years ago, in the early days of establishing a company in China, Kangmai used the most advanced fully automated casting production line and robotic machining production line to manufacture precision wheel hubs, using proprietary intellectual property rights and using the same processes and equipment as North America. The Nanjing factory assembles the hub assembly to ensure the best value to be delivered to the customer, and to bring the products and services of the same quality to the Chinese users to provide the best product performance and lowest cost for the Chinese commercial vehicle market. End product.

“When we started to build the company, we thought that China’s labor costs will be higher and higher, so the factory uses robots and unitized equipment to produce in large quantities.” Guo Nan, vice president of Asia Pacific and managing director of Asia Pacific, said, “ The design of our products is done in the United States, and the applied technology is also a popular and leading technology in North America. In terms of product production, everything from upstream casting to machining is done by ourselves. In the field of machining, we are ten minutes. It can be changed from blank to finished product, and there is no human touch in the middle, which fully realizes automatic production."

In the development of technology, Kangmai has also achieved the quality of one million products. General Manager Guo Nan told the China Truck Network reporter: "Conmax's assembly adheres to the way of Industry 4.0, and it can be as flexible as possible. Production, transportation and assembly are the less involved, the lower the labor costs. At the same time, The company's extensive use of robots can minimize human error operations and ensure product consistency, which is difficult for many domestic companies to guarantee. Our annual export volume is 4-5 million, and domestic sales are over 1 million. In the case, we require that the quality of each product should be the same. Only robots and automated production can achieve this goal, and truly achieve the quality of the product."
R series disc cast iron rear wheel hub

R series disc cast iron rear wheel hub

In terms of quality assurance, Kangmai has passed the IATF certification, but it is not satisfied with this. At this stage, Comay operates the company's product audits and process audits in accordance with German standards 6.5 and 6.3, in order to more rigorously improve its own management control, process control, quality control.

It is inevitable that it has the high quality of “expectation” and is recognized by the whole vehicle company.

Mainstream standard, great results

Whether it is the North American Commercial Vehicle Show or the domestic Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Show, for Kangmai, it seems that it is the epitome of the highlights of its products.

With the vigorous development of China's highway logistics, efficient logistics models are increasingly favored by the market. In the face of high-load transportation needs, logistics companies and truck owners have stricter requirements on truck wheels, such as reducing the frequency of lubricant replacement, extending the oil seal or bearing replacement cycle, minimizing downtime and equipment utilization. optimization.

The traditional wheel hub lacks maintainability. If any small parts of the product are broken, it may be necessary to change the assembly. This will greatly increase the maintenance cost, which is a pain point for the truck driver and the logistics team. With the advantages of narrow tolerance tapered roller bearings, special tolerance hubs, long-life high-quality oil seals, optimized design spacers, and visualization windows, the visualization, maintainability and high life cycle of the Kangmai wheel are achieved. Reliability, widely used in disc and drum axles, the range of applications can cover passenger cars and trucks, 6x4, 4x2 and 6x2 and other different types of tractors.

Kangmai products won the recognition of domestic OEM Kangmai products won the recognition of domestic OEM

"From the beginning of Liuqi, take the dragon, to the liberation of FAW, and then to Futian Auman, Dongfeng Tianlong, Jianghuai Geerfa, Hualing Xingma, including the standard just in China's heavy truck HOWO, currently basically domestic The mainstream brands are standard with Kangmai's products.” General Manager Guo Nan said: “The large-scale domestic exhibitions include exhibitions in North America. I am very pleased to see the popularity of our products. This is also our sales, operation, market, etc. The team's joint efforts."

With a very good product performance and market recognition, Kangmai successfully completed the standard on domestic high-end models. With the advancement of the National Sixth, the products of high-end models will also increase, and the demand for high-end wheels will naturally increase. This may be a very good opportunity for Kangmai, which has a good market foundation.

Of course, while riding on industry demand and policy, Kangmai is also arranging future products for the trend of the Chinese truck market.

Seeing the future, trending products will be launched one after another.

In the past few years, Kangmai has introduced side-drawn wheels. The vehicles do not need to change other accessories. The process can reduce the weight of each wheel by 2-3 kg. In the next step, Kangmai will launch aluminum wheels in China. To achieve 10 kg weight reduction per wheel end, to further meet the light weight demand of the current market.

At present, 60% of heavy-duty trucks in North America use aluminum wheels, while cast iron wheels are used in China. There is a big difference in weight between the two. The aluminum wheel can reduce the weight of 10 kg at each wheel end, and the whole vehicle can lose 60-70 kg, plus the technology of Kangmai's unique aluminum structural parts. Kangmai can achieve weight loss of 200-250 kg on the whole vehicle.

In the past few years, the promotion of aluminum wheels in China may be subject to overload restrictions, but with the strict governance, Kangmai believes that China will use more and more aluminum wheels in North America. General Manager Guo Nan told the reporter: "In terms of aluminum wheels, we have already started testing in Dongfeng. Because aluminum wheels have requirements for service and there are requirements for the torque of nuts, we must carefully complete the test to ensure that the products can adapt to the Chinese market. ""
R series drum aluminum rear wheel hub

R series drum aluminum rear wheel hub

In addition to aluminum wheels, Comay is still at the forefront of the industry in terms of trending products. “We have launched smart wheels and electric drive wheels in North America. The smart wheels will be tested in small batches in North America this month. For domestic, we are cooperating with the OEM to develop and match the data acquisition. Maybe we will realize the Kangmai smart wheels next year. Promotion." General Manager Guo Nan further mentioned.

The reporter learned that Kangmai's intelligent wheels are innovative products with monitoring wheel end and telematics capabilities, which can help drivers and fleet managers intelligently monitor the operation of the hub. Its products can provide the owner, driver and fleet manager with information such as temperature, vibration and abnormal noise at any time and any place. Managers can better manage the safety of vehicles, goods and people, and realize the fleet users and terminal customers. Health monitoring makes vehicle maintenance more planned to reduce unplanned parking repair time.

Kangmai intelligent wheel Kangmai intelligent wheel

As another important trend of future technology development, electric drive technology will also be the main technical route of China's new energy vehicles, in which the hub motor is one of the research and development directions. Kangmai electric drive wheels can effectively improve fuel efficiency, easy to install, and the energy recovery system can extend the life of brake pads. Whether it is smart wheels or electric drive wheels, Kangmai will be launched in China in the next few years to adapt to the development trend of unmanned driving and intelligent.

From North America to China, we don't adopt the use of it. Every product that Kangmai launched in China is aimed at the new development of the Chinese market. This is also the fundamental reason why its brand has achieved great results in China. On the basis of the results, Kangmai has also seen the future of the Chinese market, and will continue to demonstrate its competitiveness and brand value with its core technology advantages.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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