Cummins to the United States will arrive in Chengdu to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first-line logistics

From Lhasa all the way to the east, it will take nearly 3,000 kilometers. The national tour team of “One Hundred Years of Cummins, the United States and China” will stop in Chengdu on September 10th and hold “Caring Logistics, Moving the Family” The Cummins Drivers Caring Carnival theme-based interactive event, more than half of the tour will be detonated again in Chengdu!

Service skills master PK, explore unlimited infinity

Cummins to the United States Chinese team traveled from the cold and high-altitude Tibet, all the way to the east on the miraculous Sichuan-Tibet line in the history of human highways, not only to appreciate the beautiful scenery on the Sichuan-Tibet line, but also to overcome the bad conditions such as the plateau mountain road. The environmental challenge finally arrived in Chengdu, Chengdu.

Cummins to the United States, Chengdu, Chengdu, excellent technicians will compete here Cummins to the United States, Chengdu, Chengdu, excellent technicians will compete here

In Chengdu, Cummins will not only bring Cummins' 100-year tour to the local users, but also will have many surprises such as the National Six Service Skills Competition, Driver Carnival, Summit Forum and so on.

"The road is difficult, it is difficult to go to the sky!", the geographical environment of the southwest mountainous area is diverse and complex, and it is more praised as the harsh test field of vehicles in road transportation, while the truck equipped with Cummins power can drive freely in the mountains. How does Cummins Power do it? The Centennial Tour will show you the Cummins Centennial and the Sixth Technology experience, allowing you to experience the charm of Cummins for a long time.

Cummins not only builds the leading power for users, but also pays special attention to after-sales service. In order to show the strength of the service and reflect the style of the first-line staff, Cummins explored the excellent skills of the service network to compete in the same field. In the previously completed three divisions of Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, the participating technicians were enthusiastic and fiercely competitive. The 15 outstanding technicians who stood out in the previous three stations will stand up in Chengdu and are worth looking forward to.

Cummins tour vehicle on the highway Cummins tour vehicle on the highway

Behind the service skill competition is Cummins' commitment to service technology. As a foundation and valuable resource for Cummins' post-market services, service technology always insists on providing customers with a more excellent service experience. The Chengdu Station 6 National Service Skills Competition "Da Ren" big PK, the exciting competition will be staged!

Products and services drive the market, and technological innovation leads the industry. In order to fully demonstrate Cummins' century-old technical accumulation and technical highlights, Chengdu Station will also hold a summit forum. The Summit Forum will assemble a lineup of major customers and industry experts, explore new development trends in logistics, and deeply interpret the Sixth Technical Program to demonstrate Cummins' strong strength in power. What kind of thoughts will be collided by big customers and experts from all sides, and the scene will be revealed to you!

Caring for logistics people and creating a world of beauty

Another highlight of the event was that Cummins provided an interactive sharing platform for frontline logistics people and brought them to end users through “Caring for Logistics, Moving the Big Family – and Cummins Drivers Caring Carnival”. more surprise.

The special work scene makes the truck driver suffer from irregular diet and irregular work schedule. At the same time, cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc disease have become routine diseases, and high blood pressure and high blood fat are also common.

For the truck drivers who drifted all the year round, Cummins not only created a happy time for them to reunite with their families, but also carried out caring activities on the spot. The wonderful truck driver Carnival welcomes the arrival of every truck driver!

Cummins "with love, peers, and dedication" Cummins "Love with Peers and Dedication"

Across the Chinese territory, highlighting the customer first concept

In addition to Chengdu Station, Cummins has also been a wonderful show in China since its inception. It not only demonstrates the company's dynamics of Cummins' industry partners, but also highlights the core values ​​of Cummins' service end customers and the company's warmth.

In order to achieve the goal of leading the industry, Cummins has joined hands with Futian, Dongfeng and Shaanxi Automobile to build a global leading power solution. This time, the United States and China walked into Futian Cummins, Dongfeng Cummins, and Xi'an Cummins, which fully demonstrated Cummins' leading power solutions and interpreted the powerful strength of New China's six technologies.

In addition to deepening the industry with companies, Cummins also provides value to end users. Baotou Station launched the Mine Total Solution 2.0, a full lifecycle service solution for Chinese mine users. Ulan Qab held the Cummins Power Grassland Cloud Valley Heroes, demonstrating the outstanding achievements of Cummins Power. The “Laoyouhui” of Xiangyang Station and the “X-Link” of Xi'an Station’s customer club are all Cummins’ specific performances to provide end users with better products and services.

Cummins - Unbeatable, Unlimited Cummins to the United States China Xi'an Station customer club "X Alliance" was established

The United States has traveled across China's territory and has traveled in a variety of strict environments. The dangerous Kunlun Mountains, the Wudaoliang of the barren land, the Tanggula Mountain at an altitude of 5231, the plateau holy land Lhasa of the “Roof of the World”, and the diverse southwest mountainous areas of the mountains combine these complex and diverse geographical and climatic features of China. Strict requirements. The patrol car powered by the Cummins engine has performed exceptionally well, demonstrating the reliability and durability of Cummins technology and products.

Cummins for centuries, create brilliant with users

From 1919, a small factory in Columbus, Indiana, to a global company today, Cummins celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. In the past 100 years, Cummins has been deeply immersed in the technical exploration of the engine, bringing users a reliable power product. After a hundred years of development, Cummins has not only become the world's leading provider of power solutions, but also continues to lead the industry's new development.

Centennial Kang Centennial Cummins - Unlimited, Unlimited Centennial Cummins - Unlimited, Unlimited

Cummins is once again at the forefront of the industry in terms of the six-emission standards for motor vehicles to be implemented in China. Along with the gradual implementation of the six national emission standards across China on July 1, Cummins is fully prepared to launch the National Six Power Series products that meet Chinese standards. Through the adoption of non-EGR national six power solutions and the integration of a series of innovative technologies, the software and hardware design has been upgraded in an all-round way, and the power, economy, comfort and safety have been upgraded in all aspects.

Cummins not only leads the development in the industry, but also creates excellent power products. It is also the focus on employees and users, creating greater value and a better life for users. This is Cummins' embodiment of “Exploring the Unlimited World”.

“The United States is unbounded and explores infinite”. Cummins’ 100-year tour shows the company’s century-old value, and uses its products to demonstrate its top-notch strength, creating a unique feast for the industry and logistics people. It will be even more exciting during the next tour.

Cummins Z14 six engine

The Chengdu station is about to be staged. The fierce skill competition arrow is on the string, the professional summit forum is ready to go, and the lovely first-line logistics people are enthusiastic, and they are destined to be a feast. What surprises will be there on the scene, just announced on September 10th Chengdu Chuanhua Logistics Base.

On September 10, 2019, Chengdu Chuanhua Logistics Base, Cummins Centennial Tour Chengdu Station is waiting for you!

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