Technological advances drive MEMS and sensor prices down

According to Digitimes Research, process technology has become more mature, bringing the prices of Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) and Sensor terminals down quickly, and the application range has also expanded from automotive, industrial, and military applications to consumer electronics. Smartphones (Smartphones) The popular consumer electronic products such as Tablet, ConnectedTV, and Game Console will all be introduced into the design and will be adopted. It is expected that the four major application markets will become the main driving force for demand.

Smartphones are based on a powerful operating system (OS) and numerous applications. Their use is no longer limited to traditional voice calls. Touch panels, MEMS accelerometers, etc. have long been widely used in the industry. With the addition of MEMS gyroscopes, magnetometers, barometers, and other components, the functions of the application program can be fully utilized. It is estimated that the penetration rate of the smart phone market in 2013 will be expected to reach 45%.

Compared to the conventional notebook computer (NB) use environment in the static office desktop, the use of tablet devices is much more complex. Therefore, the input device adopts sensors such as touch panels, MEMS accelerometers, and MEMS gyroscopes to replace the traditional keyboard configuration and enhance the control experience. In addition, environmental sensors such as magnetometers and barometers are used in response to outdoor environmental applications. The penetration rate of the tablet device including the conventional NB will exceed 27%.

Internet-connected TVs need to have more delicate control interfaces than traditional TV remote controls whether they are surfing the Internet through the TV or clicking on Widgets. Therefore, the remote control adopts touch panel display controls and imports MEMS accelerometers, MEMS gyroscopes, and other intuitions. Manipulating the interface design has transformed the need for connected televisions. With the launch of the GoogleTV platform, Internet TV content will gradually become more complete. It is estimated that the shipment of connected TVs in 2013 will look to 100 million units.

Game control interface innovation has become the key to the home console market. With the Nintendo Wii game console in the home console market, Sony and Microsoft decided to escape the inertial sensing that Nintendo had preempted. Manipulating and adopting optical sensing to control the return to the game console market. In 2010, they launched the PSMove and Kinect respectively to attack the market. It is expected that Microsoft Kinect will shift its optical control interface in 2011 and lead Xbox360 to return to the market.

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