Replacement of demand for tires to drive the growth of the tire market

Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. recently released a special research report on the Chinese tire industry, saying that in the future, China's tire market demand will continue to grow rapidly, and replacement tire demand will be the biggest pull. The tire industry has a major cyclical opportunity, in which environmental protection and energy consumption are integrated policy catalysts.

The report pointed out that in the short term, the decline in raw material costs will give some advantageous companies an opportunity to improve their trends. In the medium and long term, the trend of industry consolidation is obvious, and the degree of concentration will be further enhanced. Some of the dominant companies will benefit from the improvement of the industry structure.

Single Housing Pressure Filter

SDDF series filters consist of a filter head with a screw-in filter bowl. 1-piece filter bowl for size 660 and below; 2-piece filter bowl for size 990 and above. Standard filters are without bypass valve.

one element filter

two element filter


SDDF series

Filter head: nodular cast iron Filter bowl: carbon steel


Special type

-With bypass valve

-Oil drain screw up to SDDF280

-Seals in FPM


-Visual and (or) electrical

clogging indicator,clogging indicators should be fixed with corresponding torque values. (See Spare parts and maintenance list)

-Flange connection

-SAE-flange connection

filter with bypass

filter mode code

filter dimension

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