COSCO Shipyard is expected to receive orders for marine drilling equipment

[China Ship Network (CnshipNet China)] (July 2011) COSCO Shipyard will gradually expand its market share in the offshore drilling equipment market such as jack-up rigs.
Take Singapore's Keppel Corporation as an example, it has almost filled the construction schedule until 2014, and there is not much room for the dock. Therefore, the future jack-up drilling platform orders may be from Singapore's SembcorpMarine and China's COSCO Shipyard. Come build. US oilfield service providers Diamond Offshore and Noble are planning to build jack-up rigs, and Noble and Sembcorp are having alternative ship contracts for two jack-up rigs that are not yet in force.
However, there are not many docks left by Sembcorp, so analysts at JPMorgan, Citigroup and other companies are paying attention to the shipbuilding capabilities of COSCO Shipyard.
At present, the offshore industry of COSCO Shipyard Group is facing a turning point. The first drilling ship is being built and it is expected to obtain an order for jack-up drilling rigs.
One expert said that COSCO Shipyard Group is trying to transform from a shipbuilding enterprise to a company that builds a drilling platform. This is faster than expected. The company successfully obtained the first drilling platform order in 2007, and this year from Singapore KSEnergy The company has received two orders for rigs worth $356 million (to be delivered in 2013-2014), which shows that the company is striving to accelerate orders for drilling orders. Among them, COSCO Shipyard, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipyard Group, has made more efforts to obtain orders for drilling platforms. The shipyard is about 10% more competitive than the Singapore shipyards.
In addition, the Jiangsu Yangtze River Shipyard, which is listed in Singapore, is also planning to enter the rig market. It is expected that investment in offshore oil and gas E&P (exploration and production) will continue to increase due to rising oil prices.

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