Lingyu CLY15YTZ integrated garbage compression equipment

Urban land resources are tight, how can new construction waste stations reduce their floor space?

Old-fashioned garbage transfer stations are often dirty and messy. How to upgrade if the venue is limited?

Transport vehicles are limited, how to improve the efficiency of garbage transfer?

A few buttons can be easily done, has it subverted your perception of the dumpster?

Last week's "Star Product Show" column, we launched a stainless steel tank truck with a comparable weight of aluminum alloy tanks, which has attracted the attention of many users of hazardous chemicals transportation. Today we will recommend a sanitation equipment. This product is currently being used by more and more spam sites with its unique advantages. Let's take a look:

First, the product overview


Product model: CLY15YTZ type integrated garbage compression equipment;

Scope of application: It is mainly used for the collection and transshipment of solid waste domestic garbage in urban garbage transfer stations, residential quarters, hospitals, schools, large venues, etc. It is especially suitable for the construction of new transfer stations and old stations with difficult land acquisition;

Time to market: July 2015;

Operation process: compressing and reducing the solid waste domestic waste, discharging the sewage and gas in the garbage, pressing and storing the garbage into the closed garbage bin; after being fully loaded, transporting it to the garbage disposal site through the trailer removable garbage truck Dumping.

Second, product features


First, the floor space is small and the cost of civil works is low.

The equipment is compact in layout, and the whole machine has a small footprint. It does not need to build ramps, pits and other facilities, and the civil construction cost is very low.

Second, flexible and economical

The equipment and the station can be separated, and can be flexibly deployed according to the needs; the truck can be unloaded and unloaded by the truck, and the vehicle can be parked without stopping. The vehicle utilization rate is high.

Third, advanced technology and simple operation

The equipment is highly automated, and only a few buttons can be operated by the remote controller to complete the feeding and compression operations, and the daily processing capacity can reach 40T.

Third, outstanding advantages


1, uniform compression, no filling gap

At present, the common integrated garbage compression equipment is mostly low-level compression structure. The equipment of CIMC Lingyu adopts high-position compression mode, and the compression pusher extends into the box design to achieve high-position compression and deep compression, so that the garbage density is evenly filled. The entire box is full and there are no filling gaps. At the same time, the bottom plate of the compression pusher adopts a slanting arrangement to prevent backflow of sewage and effectively protect the compression cylinder.

2, convenient docking, no garbage spill

The continuous front hopper has a volume of 3.0m3 and the inner width of the hopper is 2300mm. It can perfectly match various garbage collection vehicles, and there is no garbage spill during the feeding process. The hopper lifting mechanism is subjected to heavy load test before leaving the factory to ensure the safety and reliability of the feeding operation.

3, easy to operate, no secondary pollution

The hydraulic rear door locking mechanism that takes power from the detachable garbage truck of the vehicle compartment can complete all operations of the back door opening, garbage dumping and back door closing in the cab, and the operation is simple and convenient. At the same time, the back door is sealed with anti-friction and anti-aging U-type double-channel sealing strips. Each equipment is subjected to strict watertight test before leaving the factory to ensure reliable sealing and will not cause secondary pollution during use.

4, advanced components, no safety hazards

The hydraulic electronic control system adopts the parts of world famous brands, and the imported accessories have achieved the high reliability of the products. The remote control and control panel are dual control modes, which are easy and convenient to operate. The control system also has automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm, and error-proof and interlocking functions to ensure the safety of the equipment during use.



Because of the characteristics and good adaptability of this product, cities, towns and towns in Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places are widely used by users. One customer said: "After using your station, the remote control operation is simple and convenient, and the garbage will not spill when the hopper is turned over, which improves our working conditions, and our garbage station has become taller!" The driver told us that there is no running, taking, dripping or leaking on the road, and you can rest assured with peace of mind!



CIMC Lingyu's integrated garbage compression equipment is introduced here. For more details, you can call the sanitation equipment sales hotline.

Tips: The latest version of this star product will be unveiled at the 2nd 2017 Henan Urban and Rural Environmental Hygiene New Technology New Equipment and New Craft Expo on March 6-7. Welcome everyone to visit!

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