"Tire +" Opens Wanli Terminal Services Market

On March 28, 2015, the launch ceremony of Wanli Tire's flagship store and the spring service start-up ceremony was held in Panyu, Guangzhou. At the same time, Wanli Tire Guangzhou's 25 image stores have joined forces and announced their official operation. Wan Li promoted the "tire" plan.

Chen Li, Vice President of Wanli Group and Chairman of Fengli Company stated that the opening of Wanli Tire’s flagship store marked the new leap forward of Wanli Tire’s terminal network construction, and will enhance Wanli Tire’s channel construction and brand image. Play a positive role in promoting. Next, Wanli Tire will comprehensively upgrade the image and professional service level of the tire sales network, and comprehensively strengthen the standardized construction of the sales network. It is worth noting that Wanli Tire's e-commerce plan is also being planned. As a well-known tire company in Guangdong, the flagship brand for domestic exports, the brand vitality of Wanli Tire is being revived.

Tire service integrated supplier

According to reports, Wanli Tire's flagship store is Wanli Tire's first brand flagship store built in China. It is jointly built by Guangzhou Fengli Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. and Xinshishang Automobile Service Chain Co., Ltd. regardless of the size of the store, hardware, or service level. Both rank the forefront of tire market in South China.

Located at 611 Xingnan Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Wanli Tire flagship store covers an area of ​​more than 800 square meters. It has a car beauty workshop and a tire maintenance workshop. It can not only provide customers with the most complete tire products, but also can provide customers with Combine car care beauty and tire inspection and maintenance services. In the tire maintenance workshop, Wanli Tire product display area, tire failure analysis area, tire profile introduction area, and gas nozzle display area are all available. When customers wait for tire maintenance, they can fully understand about tire maintenance without leaving home. All aspects of information. In addition, Wanli Tire’s flagship store has also set up a car beauty workshop, which can provide customers with a tire maintenance feature, a one-stop integrated service body for automotive beauty, automobile maintenance, quick repair, and insurance, etc., saving more trouble. heart.

The reform of the channel has been fully carried out

It is worth noting that the tireless force of Wanli Tire is ushering in a critical year of the outbreak. In February, Hefei Wanli laid the foundation for the annual production of 2 million green heavy-duty radial tires, and started the “first shot” of Wanli Tire in 2015; in March, Wanli Tire ushered in a special car sales service store (4S shop). At the historic moment, the two sides conducted in-depth cooperation; at the same time, Wanli Tire’s flagship store officially opened. These all echoed with the Hefei project and formed a “South-North combination punch”, which opened the prelude to the strategic transformation of Wanli Tire's channel sector.

At present, most domestic tire manufacturers still use the traditional agency system. This pyramid-type sales channel system has once played a huge role in the occupation of the market by tire manufacturers because of its powerful radiation capabilities, but its existing "congenital deficiency" is also obvious, such as the exchange of information between tire manufacturers and end users. Relying on agents to communicate, the authenticity and fastness of information are difficult to guarantee. As consumers increasingly value the terminal service experience, this situation needs to be changed.

The Wanli Tire, which has always been keen on the channel sector, is taking advantage of the opening of the flagship store. In 2015, it will fully implement the channel change: the channel system will change from a pyramid to a flattening direction. The first flagship store opened this time. The sales model of 25 directly-contacted image stores is the embodiment of the flattening of Wanli Tire Co., Ltd.; in terms of channel operations, it has changed its focus on developing agents, and it has turned into an end-market construction center. In front of consumers, let consumers see and get Wanli Tire into the minds of consumers so that consumers will be willing to buy; in terms of channel construction, the relationship between Wanli Tire and agents will be from transactional to The transformation of partner-type relationship; In addition, Wanli Tire will also strengthen the refined management of the terminal, and in the terminal into the CRM system (that is, customer relationship management system), effectively communicate with consumers, collect customer feedback and timely improvement.

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