China's auto parts market has grown rapidly by more than 1 trillion yuan

As the second largest automobile consumer market and the third largest automobile producer in the world, China's auto parts industry is developing rapidly. The 11th China International Electromechanical Products Expo concluded on the 26th issued a report saying that the scale of China's auto parts market has increased from 170 billion yuan in 2000 to 1 trillion yuan in 2009, and will reach 1.4 trillion yuan this year, an increase. rapid.

This report, jointly prepared by the China Electromechanical Products Import & Export Chamber of Commerce and the Organizing Committee of the Expo, divides the development of China's auto parts into three stages: the rising stage, the fluctuation stage, and the transition stage. It is believed that China is now in a transitional stage. Some parts and components manufacturers have become small giants in the parts and components industry, and there are huge opportunities for development. The parts and components industry in the automotive industry chain will become one of the industries with the most potential for development in the coming years.

It is reported that China has already emerged a number of export-oriented enterprises that mainly export auto parts. In 2009, the total export value of China's auto products reached US$19.7 billion. Among them, auto parts, accessories, and bodywork accounted for 43% of auto product exports, an increase of 51% year-on-year. Due to the decline in vehicle profits, the increase in raw material prices, and the overall level of China's parts and components industry, the products have reached international standards, and foreign auto giants have purchased Chinese spare parts. As of the end of last year, at least 70% of the world's top 100 auto parts suppliers were doing business in China. However, from the perspective of long-term development, the parts and components companies should strive to gain access to high value-added, high-tech product areas as soon as possible through technological innovation and raising the level of research and development. Such as car navigation systems, shock absorbers, brakes, engines, batteries, air conditioning and other areas with high added value.

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