Purchase electronic scales frequently asked questions and detailed answers

Want to buy electronic scales, if you choose to buy, experience is OK, if the user is only the first time to buy electronic scales, and electronic scales do not buy experience, how to buy a good electronic What about the scales? Don't worry, hard-working electronic scales Xiaobian has prepared this article for common questions and detailed answers to electronic scales. I hope to help everyone.

Purchase electronic scales common problems and detailed answers:

Question 1: What is an electronic scale?

A: The concept of electronic platform scales is very vague. Even the introduction of the encyclopedia is very few, and not too popular. Here, we think you should understand the concept of the more popular statement: First, it is a small commercial weighing scale; Is the use of electronic technology and scale body other manufacturing technology; the use of mechanical and electronic combination formed a scale body. The second is that in the entire electronic scale family, it is small; in small weighing scales, it is also large.

Question 2: What is the size of the electronic platform scale?

A: Smaller scales than electronic scales are table scales and electronic balances; electronic scales and truck scales are larger than electronic scales; of course, this refers to the size of the weighing range.

Question 3: What is the basic frame of electronic scales? What do you look like?

In order to let you more fully understand the size and basic structure of the electronic scale, you can see the following figure:

Question 4: What is the weighing range for electronic platform scales?

A: The weighing range of the electronic platform scale is between the table scale and the electronic floor scale. How do you say that? Its weighing range is between 30KG-1000KG, which is the standard default weighing range; however, it is recommended that heavy weight products use electronic floor scales as much as possible. Of course, if electronic scales are more convenient, it is still preferable to use electronic scales.

Question 5: There are not many types of electronic scales? How much can you choose?

A: It depends on which manufacturer to sell; this is critical. At present, there are not many well-known electronic weighing device manufacturers in China, so most manufacturers only sell one or two models; while the smaller ones even have only other scales; this scale does not; currently there are several functional electronic scales that can be provided in hard work. You need to also go to the home electronic scale area to purchase. In addition, we also provide Ding Ding’s total service for electronic platform scales. Only you can't think of it. We can't do it.

Question 6: (For the questions raised by hard electronic scales), are your products of high quality? Is there any guarantee after sale?

A: I believe that product quality is a problem that every user is very concerned about. High quality is not critical. It is a must for each user to purchase a product (any product). What I would like to say here is that quality is not a good thing. Our products have always been judged by our customers as quality products. Therefore, we can become a well-known domestic weighing instrument manufacturer today, and most of them are very user-experienced. OK, so volunteer to help us with word of mouth. Many customers are introduced to each other, so the quality is good or bad, and it doesn't help. You know after you purchase.

Shanghai Electronic Bench Scale Service Commitment Guarantee:

Over the years, our company's continuous innovation and after-sales service have been continuously improved. We have always been thinking of providing customers with stable and high-quality engineering while adhering to the tenet of “pursuing excellence and moving toward the future”. A good after-sales service makes customers feel confident and happy. The world's best products require follow-up service. In order to eliminate customer concerns about future maintenance of the product, our company solemnly made the following commitments regarding after-sales service.

First, the customer has a free warranty within one year from the date of acceptance of the customer and is responsible for maintenance for the rest of his life.

Second, the customer's calls are answered with questions, so that "a phone call immediately to do" high-quality service.

Third, the establishment of customer after-sales service personnel responsible for the system, each service completion must fill out the after-sales service form and have the customer signed and approved to archive and save.

Fourth, enthusiastic and serious reception to visit customers, and in a short time to deal with related matters until the customer satisfaction and return.

Through the understanding of the above content, we have learned about the common problems of electronic platform scales and detailed answers to this article. If you have any questions, please contact us. This article is provided by Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. electronic scales Xiaobian finishing, thank you for your support and trust.

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