Linkage float switch working principle and product features

Linkage float switch working principle and product features

working principle:

Float switch, small liquid level controller and liquid level sensor are mainly composed of reed switch and float. The float contains magnetic material. When the float moves up and down with the measured liquid level, it touches the reed switch and detects the liquid level position. The liquid level sensor adopts the imported switch element, which has the characteristics of light volume, simple working principle, high reliability, and low price. There are floats of different materials and specifications for selection. The electrical parameters can be changed according to customer requirements. Special specifications can also be set. system. Products can be used for drinking fountains, water heaters, solar energy, air conditioning, humidifiers, bathroom equipment, sales, fuel tanks, water towers, chemical liquid level control, kitchen equipment, water heaters and other water heating equipment anti-dry water level sensors. In the automotive, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, household appliances in a wide range of applications.


1 can do more control, control switch can be customized with the liquid level position.

2. The use of a reed switch does not require separate power supply.

3. Single branch can do multi-point control, compared to other liquid level switch unit price.

4. High reliability, low wiring cost, easy installation.

5. The specifications of the junction box are complete, including aluminum alloy, plastic, stainless steel and other materials.

6. Finished materials are stainless steel SUS304/316, can be used for high temperature and high pressure places, and another PP, PVC, PVDF plastic material, can be used for strong acid and alkali.

7. Junction box protection class IP-65 or more.

8. This product can be applied to different density, different acid and alkali, different pressure and temperature of the liquid.

Assured with good performance under safety working voltage and a series of sensors which inspect machine operations, the machine could provide all-side protection to the user. We use best materials to make all parts of the machine by ourselves to ensure the machine more stability, and R & D many technique patents to improve and guarantee machin accuracy. It's also easy operated, because we use industrial computer to do program editing and operation. Also the air blowers and dust collector can wipe off the dust of the work pieces.

Technical Parameters:

1. Weight: 1500kg

2. Planting method: Round wire

3. Production speed: 500 rpm

4. Planting peak: 65mm

5. Planting pore size: φ1.6-φ4.0

6. Storable procedures: 1000 models

7. X-axis travel: 400mm;

8. Y-axis travel: 320mm;

9. Z-axis travel: 160mm;

10. Air input pressure: 0.8MPa

11. Rated voltage frequency single phase: 220V, 50Hz

12. Machine power: 2.0kw

13. Machine dimensions: 1.14 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.75 meters high

14. Packing size: 1.8 meters length, 2.1 meters width, 2.1 meters height (conforming to standard container requirements).

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